5 Keys to a Deck That Delivers

Advice for Biotech CEOs from Daniel Eramian, Co-founder of Opus Biotech Communications

Heading to BIO CEO Investors Conference or another Investors Presentation?
Here are five important points to keep in mind when finalizing your pitch deck.

1.  Design your slides for the audience. Investors may sit in on scores of presentations so you want them to remember yours. Using a slide-deck for a one-on-one meeting is different than presenting slides to an audience in a large room.
2. Don’t overload each slide with needless words. White space is good. Each slide should have one main message. Verbally repeat that message to the audience at the end of each slide.
3. If your presentation time is 12 minutes, have no more than 12 slides. Take one minute per slide to discus the key point (s) .
4. Always include a slide on the opportunity your technology offers investors or potential partners
5. Your last slide should sum up your key messages including why your technology is unique.   

Dan Eramian is co-founder of Opus Biotech Communications and was the first  VP of Communications for the Biotechnology Industry Organization and has advised multiple companies on communications and investor relations.