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Building Trust Can Be Money in the Bank for Biotechs

Ask a CEO who is in charge of his or her company and they won’t blink before saying, “I am.” Ask that same CEO who is in charge of the company’s credibility you might get a different answer such as, “that’s the PR department’s job.”   Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or a veteran company executive, one vital aspect of growing a business, raising capital, or selling a product that’s rarely discussed at seminars is building your company’s credibility, reputation and trust. Because it is not easy to measure these important qualities in dollars and cents, they rarely get much attention in quarterly reports.  Busy CEOs charged with concentrating on bottom line finances and product advancement don’t always see the connection. Big Pharma companies rely mostly on tangible assets and accomplishments in their efforts to build credibility and reputation. For most biotechs, paydays and tangible assets can be a

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